Fern Bangle - Made To Order


This bangle is handcrafted from thick and sturdy sterling silver wire and features a fern which curves round the wire. The fern has been created using a real fern leaf, so no two will ever be the same.

This piece has been given a patina to add depth. Please keep away from water to ensure the patina lasts a long time.

All Luna's Locket jewellery has been handmade with sterling silver, fine silver and natural stones. Due to the bangle being handmade, and the fern imprints being one offs, the details may vary slightly, but the design you will receive will be in the same style as the one pictured.

Once you order has been placed, please allow up to 8 weeks for your bangle to dispatch.

Available in sizes (all approx inside diameter):

XS - 6 cm
S - 6.5 cm
M - 7 cm
L - 7.75 cm

NB: if you are unsure of your bangle size, try the following steps:

Bangles are measured by their diameter, which is a straight line passing through the centre of the bangle, finishing at the inside edges of the bangle.

To find the size of bangle which will fit, you can measure an existing bangle or measure yourself using a flexible tape measure. Put your hand flat and then bring your thumb (in your palm) and your little finger together. Then wrap the tape measure over the top knuckles of your fingers and pull tight (this will be just off your top thumb knuckle). the top knuckles, being the knuckles nearest your wrist.

Once the bangle is over the knuckles of your hand, then of course it will be relatively loose around your wrist.

I prefer to send all jewellery by Royal Mail Tracked and Signed (including international) and if you select this option at checkout, you will be provided with a tracking number once the item has been dispatched.