Luna's Locket is a one woman show based within the heart of the New Forest National Park, Hampshire. You can often find Crisi there, walking her two dogs, Willow and Ember, gathering inspiration (and pinecones).

Crisi first learnt to make jewellery in 2004. Growing up close to the forest and a beautiful coastline, she has a deep rooted love for nature and this is the foundation of everything she creates. With a passion for crystals, wildlife, trees and mountains, Crisi handcrafts nature inspired jewellery using sterling silver, thoughtfully selected natural stones and organic textures. Having her own studio and creating pieces of wearable art is a dream come true.

Crisi also hand pours natural plant wax candles into apothecary jars, recycled glass jars and handmade ceramics. Using sustainable plant wax, 100% pure essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance oils and cotton wicks, these candles not only create a calming and soothing atmosphere, but are also kind to the environment. 

Inspired By Nature.

With nature at the core of Luna's Locket, being kind to the planet is at the forefront of Crisi's mind. Ever since the business started in October 2014, all packaging has been re-used from parcels that have been sent to Crisi or local businesses. She struck up these relationships so that no packaging would go to waste. 

As the business has grown, the need for more packaging has meant buying some materials. Everything that is purchased to make sure your parcels arrive safely, is plastic free and/or biodegradable. If you receive some loose puffs in your parcel, these are made from GM-free starch and can be dissolved in water. 

Crisi made the decision not to brand her packaging, so that everything can be re-used by her customers if they have their own parcels to send.


Another gorgeous ring to add to my collection. The bark is such a unique design I love it, and I finally have a small ring for my pinky finger! The quality of Luna's Locket pieces is always superb.
Thank you once again.

Sam T

I absolutely love this beautiful ring, and Crisi was so helpful when I asked her for some guidance on the size. It fits so well and I absolutely love it! The stone is mesmerising and the details on the band and the bezel really take it to the next level.


This is my 12th Luna’s Locket ring. An absolutely amazing piece. The quality of the stone and the fantastic craftsmanship make that this ring is not only unique but also a perfect work of art! Thanks so much Crisi!